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Your boiler and heating system is designed to keep your home or business premises warm whenever you need that comfort. It’s important that your system is backed up by high-quality components, annual servicing, and maintenance. When you need the system to keep operating correctly, you need the help of a reputable company. We are a renowned for superior services for over 15 years, and we are always ready to attend to servicing request anytime any day. Our long-standing expertise in the industry makes it easy for us to service all boiler and heating system models in the market.

Boiler and heating systems appliances are prone to breakdown and faults. If you don’t service them regularly, they will keep malfunctioning, or they will emit harmful carbon monoxide. This means huge costs to keep the system in good shape. If you ask us to service your system on a regular basis, you avoid the risks and expenses. We have the right technicians who ensure that your system components are installed correctly. We want you to enjoy energy efficiency and safety within your premises.

Our Servicing and Maintenance Tasks Guarantee:

  • Boiler lifespan extension.
  • Improved system efficiency.
  • Early identification of looming problems/faults.
  • Reduced energy and repair costs.
  • Early gas leak detection.

As the leading boiler servicing company in Kempston, Biddenham, Elstow, Renhold, and Clapham, we strive to offer fast response to any callout. We don’t charge you to come to your location, and we take 30 minutes to get there. Our mobile units have every tool and technique to service boilers big and small. We are accredited, and we can handle all boilers including the most sophisticated models. Call us anytime, and our 24-hour customer support teams are willing to provide guidance and answer you in a polite manner. Don’t let that small issue degenerate into a huge fault while all you need is one call.

We Come To You

At Eco Efficient Bedford, we offer the most competitive prices for boiler servicing. When you call us, our Gas Safe engineers will come to you and conduct a comprehensive inspection of the system. They will discuss with you what needs to be done and the rationale for it. We offer a fixed quote for our services, and we don’t bill you for non-existent services. We let you make the decisions, and we get to work when you are ready. Unlike dishonest service providers, we don’t leave out crucial servicing steps, and we never push you for procedures that don’t enhance your system’s efficiency.

If your boiler has slowed down due to the accumulation of silt or debris in the radiators and pipework, we have the equipment and the skill. We carry out other servicing procedures that ensure that your boiler is working like a new one. Call us and request for quotes for comprehensive power flushing whether it’s in a residential or commercial setting. Overall, our service delivery is second to none, and we provide lasting guarantees.

Contact us and see our unparalleled expertise in action!

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